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Back from AERA 2011

Last week I went to New Orleans for the AERA 2011 conference. I had submitted a paper called “What’s Up with Gender and Math Technology – A Gender Gap Persists at the Higher Education Level” together with my major professor Scott J. Warren, Ph.D. and it got accepted as a poster to my delight. Delight, especially because I submitted it in the summer of 2010 when I was taking my very first course in the ECMP Doc program. I realize in hindsight that this was a very brave move for a novice such as me, but my decision was supported by my professor so I just went with it. In a sense, I submitted it because I was angry and wanted to stop being angry, but that is whole other story to be told the day I graduate from the ECMP program. Continue reading


Scott J. Warren, Ph.D. “Emerging Ethical Issues in Virtual Worlds” March 11, 2010 at UT Dallas

Dr. Scott J. Warren was invited as a guest lecturer for a Metta Alsobrook’s seminar of 83 engineering students at UT Dallas on March 11th, 2010. I held an introduction to Second Life and how UT Dallas got their three new islands in August 2009, and what we are currently doing with these islands: Undergraduate students have been teamed with campus clients to develop content for the clients on the islands and at the same time learn the emerging technology and create competitive portfolio for themselves for the future. I developed the program called Students Second Life Success and am running it during spring semester.   Continue reading