Insight at SITE

Back from the SITE conference in Nashville, where I was presenting with two peers, I have come to insight on how much I have learned in my first year in the UNT Learning Technologies ECMP Doctoral Program. Thinking back to last year, when I was in the Master’s program, I recall what it was like attending and presented at TxDLA in Houston. Comparing these two experiences I found to my joy that pieces are now rapidly falling into place: A year ago I was still very unfamiliar with the many learning theories and the variety of instructional design models that there are and how to apply which to what situation. I was still much of a novice to designing learning and to research practices. Now, after a year in the ECMP program and attending the SITE conference listening to presenters, I was able to nod my head and think ‘yes’ that works or ‘no – really you shouldn’t take that approach’ and I was able to ask questions to find out why the researcher took one approach and not another. I was not able to do that last year. It is fascinating to me to now be able to more fully relate and understand.  I am very much looking forward to my second year in the doctoral program for this very purpose. There is no telling how much more I will know after my second year but I am excited thinking about it as this first year truly has brought me insight into research, learning processes, and proven best practices. Kudos to all the ECMP professors for facilitating this process! 

Next year SITE will be held in Austin. We, the ECMP students that attended at SITE this year, talked enthusiastically about how nice it was to be there together as a team. We socialized and supported each other, got to know each other in a new way, and the whole experience brought us closer generating a form of glue. What a great bunch of doc students! For next year, I want to make further efforts to get even more of the doc students engaged with writing proposals so that we get a chance to go again with even more of us doc students from the ECMP program presenting.  

Leila Mills, Anjum Najmi, and myself presented at SITE March 8th:
“Validating the Computer Attitude Quationnaire CAQ N/I”
Our paper won a SITE Award. In the picture from the left:
Dr. Christenson, Anjum Najmi, Leila Mills, Jenny Wakefield, and Dr. Knezek
Dean Surface was also an author on the paper but was unable to join us.


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  1. Great Job Jenny!

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